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  • The website that was created for me was full of creativity, light, functional, clean, based on aesthetic taste and elegance. Without any clichés and mediocrity. Paweł Traczyński may be entrusted with any task with confidence that it will be done the best way possible.

    — Włodzimierz Bolecki
    Associate Professor, Department of Poetics and Theory of Literature at the Institute of Literature at the University of Warsaw
  • I warmly appreciate doing project with Paweł Traczyński. He professionally fulfilled all the tasks and his suggestions hit the nail on the head. What's more, he showed patience and understanding when I was changing my ideas and plans. He finished work quickly, before the announced deadline. Finally he left a lot of valuable advices and instructions.

    — Katarzyna Karina Chmiel Gugulska
  • I think the art of creating websites is not only the knowledge and technical skills, not even the artistic sense and talent, but the patience, humility and listening to the needs of (sometimes difficult) client... This time you successfully combined these things. Thanks!

    — Dorota Łoskot-Cichocka
    Illustrator of books for children
  • Demanding deadline of the completion and kept promises to fulfill all the technical and creative aspects of the project. Seems so obvious but so rarely happens! Additionally great overall quality of the work. I recommend!

    — Ivo Krankowski
    LaCamera Independent
  • Website made ​​by Paweł Traczyński met our expectations completely. Working with him was, and still is, a pleasant and trouble-free. You can count on him. I recommend.

    — Dominika Czuba
    Trades s.c.
  • Paul, thank you for your great communication, creativity and professionalism during the development of the website that fulfilled my needs and expectations. And also... for a quick course of the website maintenance.

    — Małgorzata Jagiełło
    Bio Coaching
  • I have had the first pleasure of working with Pawel this year (2010). He delivered first rate Drupal programming for a project that was especially important to my company. Pawel is certainly a very knowledgeable PHP programmer and more so, is an excellent resource for designers who want to see their work implemented to the pixel.

    — Anna Martin
    August Interactive
  • Collaboration with Paweł Traczyński was very good. Paweł correctly read our expectations and was open to suggestions. The final result of the website work gave us a lot of joy. We are pleased that the author of the new website is a graduate of our school.

    — Piotr Bejnar - Bejnarowicz
    Principal of High School of Przymierze Rodzin
  • Working with Paweł Traczyński is a pleasure. He is able to listen to the customer and always proposes the best solutions. He is patient and explains complex technical things in very simple way. He is always available and always helpful. Our website was created on time even though we had a small amount of it.

    We are proud of the end product. Professional, easy to use, clean and classic in design web site is not only liked by us but also by our clients. We will always recommend Paweł's services.

    Thank you

    — Katarzyna Potoczna
    Folk Culture
  • My website was created quickly, professionally. During the development its author Paweł Traczyński was constantly helping with advices, and was explaining complex technical details in easy to understand way. He realized my original idea in a very modern, yet simple style. During the making of the website he was suggesting a lot of innovative solutions amd took care about details, which had great impact on the final look of the page. I can't imagine doing another web project with anyone else.

    — Ewa Pikul
  • Paweł Traczyński designed and implemented the website for Migration Newsletter, a magazine being published by University of Warsaw. Migration Newsletter is being published primarily on the internet, therefore it was important for us to develop its website in attrative and fresh form, which will also be functional. Our readers are people of various experience in using computers, so it was significant for the website to be easy to use and provide good user experiance.

    Paweł Traczyński not only created a website that met all editorial board expectations, but also took care of presenting all content in an attractive way and refreshed our image by creating new logo and graphic design. Contact with the autor was always immediate i what is important all our new ideas that were coming up during the development were instantly discussed together and implemented. What's more, the author often proposed his functional best practices, making the maintenance of the site now easy. Because of that using the website made by Paweł Traczyński is easy for both magazine readers, icluding low-skilled computer users, and for the editorial board members who publish new magazine numbers and articles.

    — Editorial Board
    Biuletyn Migracyjny
  • Paweł Traczyński made for us a website that met our expectations in 100%. Clean look and easy of use was a nice surprise for us, while meeting the deadline and developers reliability are commendable. We also received professional help with selecting the hosting company where we also moved our previous projects. Cooperation was perfect and we hope to do more projects together in the future.

    — Tomasz Matyjaszkiewicz
    Marketing Manager at EM-DI
  • I hired Paweł several times for Web Development jobs. He always did awesome job, and was able to bypass obstacles. We consider Paweł as a very helpful resource when it comes to Drupal Development, GUI prototyping and PHP coding.

    — Krystian Zieja
    Project Envision
  • We are very satisfied with the cooperation and the new design. The project was executed with great precision, with the polishing of the every details. In addition, at an affordable price.

    — Ciekawe-Miejsca.net
    Online Travel Guide
  • The site looks just like I expected and is of high quality. It's amazingly easy it operate it, which surprised me happy. I welcome the speedy implementation of the project. Thank you for your cooperation. Best regards.

    — Patrycjusz Traczyński
    Traczyński Plast Produkt
  • Thanks to the great Paweł's involvement, we managed to succeeded in creation of clean and well-functioning website in a short time, allowing to browse images, articles and audio tracks. Thank you!

    — Elżbieta Jackowska-Kurek, Mateusz Środoń
    Co-authors of the 'Ikona Dziś' project
  • Pawel produced the website for our company. I was fully satisfied with his work and with our communication throughout the whole project.

    He is the perfect collaborator for anyone who has only limited knowledge of computers. Whenever I was in doubt about a particular technical solution, he was able to provide me with a clear briefing regarding the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed option. Having his own ideas about the lay-out, he was ready to discuss and accept suggestions from other people.

    The final result of his work is an elegant, functional website delivered to a demanding deadline.

    — Krzysztof Umiński
    LaCamera Independent co-founder
  • I work in the design industry. Areas of work we do with Paweł Traczyński are related. I can certainly say that the work he did for us was fully professional. The technical solutions proposed by Paweł Traczyński perfectly fit the concept of website, so that my site works exactly as I designed it. Cooperation at the highest quality.

    — Łukasz Szymański
    Studio N22
  • I was involved in creating some software which purpose was to auto-document MS SQL databases. I asked Pawel to plan the user interface and prepare the graphics. He produced very good and clear looking design which we approved right away. He also prepared 40 perfect icons for the use in the project. I was fully satisfied with his work.

    — Piotr Kołodziej
    SQL Doc application co-author
  • I highly recommend Paweł Traczyński for web design and Drupal consulting work. Pawel is creative and spirited with a great work ethic. Our work together has always been a good experience and his work product is exemplary. One will find his domain knowledge excellent and he is a reliable individual. I would recommend Pawel as a resource to my colleagues.

    — Jeff Reiter
    RWK Design
  • The completed projects attributes was very good design and high accuracy. The website is completely compliant with the specification and the end result met my expectations. During the work Paweł was suggesting many different options i solution which had significant impact on the final look and feel. Big but not excessive attention to detail resulted in the completion of the project without any compromise on the quality.

    While working on the site communication with Paweł, was completely painless, and his responses were quick and accurate. He responded very quickly and constructively to even minor changes in requirements by presenting a whole range of options.

    Managing content on the site is clear and very easy. The project meets my expectations in 100%.

    — Kamil Libich
  • The project made by Paweł Traczyński has two huge advantages. Maintenance of the website is very easy, even without any special instructions, intermediate computer user can edit the look and content of the site. And we know from customers that the site is very clear for them. Paweł has very good understanding for the clients needs, so the cooperation with him is good.

    — Witold Zygierewicz
    Sport Basics
  • The look and feel is great! Very nice and eye catching and much more professional than our previous site.

    — Elixens America, Inc.
  • We have been working with Paweł Traczyński for years. He helps with our official website which is constantly being updated and improved. It's amazing how easily you can add new content without having any technical knowledge. We are very pleased with the cooperation.

    — Zakład Badań Geotechnicznych Geotest
  • Paweł Traczyński designed and developed the geotekst.pl website. Under the modern style of the site, there is an intuitive and easy to use interface for adding new content. Thanks to Paweł Traczyński it's possible to update and enrich the content of our online magazine. We recommend doing websites with him.

    — Michał Grela
    Internet Geotechnical Magazine Geotekst
  • Pawel Traczynski is the author of the new website of the Primary School of Przymierze Rodzin in Warsaw. We are very pleased with the cooperation with Pawel Traczynski. Solutions that he proposed, both functional and visual, met our expectations. The website was designed with high sense of aesthetics and is user-friendly. It is also very easy to manage it's content.

    — Hanna Łączyńska
    Principal of Primary School of Przymierze Rodzin in Warsaw
  • Our new application for managing our school's website was created by Paweł Traczyński. Cooperation between the school and the contractor was very good. The project contractor considered all suggestions and proposals for the sites functionality that have been reported by the school. All development steps were performed within the previously agreed dates. Paweł Traczyński was answering all questions regarding the functioning of the application quickly and in a communicative way. He showed great professionalism.

    We are very pleased with the results of work that Paweł Traczyński did for us. Our website is now popular among the members of the community of our school.

    — Izabela Muszyńska
    Dyrektor Zespołu Szkół nr 118 w Warszawie